CEMDAS™ Evolution - CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS)


CEMDAS™ Evolution - CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS)

CEMDAS Evolution offers the most powerful and easy-to-use CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS) on the market today. Its advanced design is programmed in Visual Basic.net, utilizes a powerful SQL database and runs in the latest Windows operating system.  CEMDAS can also be added to any Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

Flexibility is the Key!

CEMDAS Evolution is the next generation of an already superior CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS) package from Monitoring Solutions. With over a decade and a half of experience, customer feedback, and continuous improvements, Evolution takes CEMDAS Evolution to the next level of performance, flexibility, and ease of use.

The first look at the graphical interface tells the story with a completely user-configurable dashboard - and every user can configure their own:

  • Choose what information you want to display
  • Choose how you want to display it: charts, graphs, gauges, etc.
  • Configure the placement of all the elements
  • Configure the layout of the tables 

CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS)



A Complete System

PLC Based CEMCON System Controller

CEMDAS Evolution utilizes Monitoring Solutions’ CEMCON PLC controller system.  Most typically an Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC is utilized to interface between the CEMS hardware and the CEMDAS PC.  CEMCON offers flexible I/O and communication with a plant’s DCS or SCADA via analog, digital, or Ethernet I/P communication.

Powerful PC

CEMDAS Evolution utilizes a powerful Dell™ desktop PC.  This business grade PC is configured with a high-end processor, two large hard-drives configured in RAID, plenty of memory, and all the performance needed for superior operation.  CEMDAS Evolution arrives completely configured for a plant’s permit recording and reporting needs.

Remote Access

CEMDAS Evolution comes with two options for remote access to meet the needs of any number of users:

  • Remote desktop application is standard for simple, occasional remote access.
  • Client-Server version offers an advanced duplication of CEMDAS across more than one computer.

Powerful Reporting

CEMDAS Evolution comes with pre-configured reports guaranteed to meet EPA Part 60, 75, 266, and 503 requirements.  Reports can be generated automatically or manually and saved to the greatest number of formats available including pdf, mht, rtf, xls, xlsx, csv, text, and image (bmp, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, emf, wmf).

No other package offers the flexibility to report the way you want to with selectable parameters, timeframes, and output formats.  And no other package makes it as easy as CEMDAS Evolution.

Superior Support

Only Monitoring Solutions stands behind its software with world-class service, training and support.  A CEMDAS Evolution service contract means the ultimate in priority support and customer response.  

A standard software support contract includes:
  • 24/7 Unlimited Operation Support 
  • Free Version Upgrades
  • 24/7 Emergency & Remote Support
  • Annual Training
  • Guaranteed On-Site Response Time
  • Field Service Discounts


CEMDAS Evolution will work with nearly any CEM System on the market today. Upgrading to CEMDAS Evolution can be a relatively inexpensive way to modernize an older CEMS. A Monitoring Solution sales representative can ascertain the best upgrade path and present the most economical solution for your Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS).

Simply happy to help.

If you are thinking of upgrading your CEM Data Acquisition System (DAS) in the New Year Monitoring Solutions is here to help! Give us a call at 908-500-4010 or email us at sales@monsol.com and we will assist you in any way that we can.




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