CODEL GCEM40 Solving Process Applications! 


CODEL GCEM40 Solving Process Applications! 

The CODEL GCEM40 is a continuous in-situ gas monitor that can be used for a wide variety of process applications.  Two of the most recent include: 

  1. A New England paper plant purchased a GCEM40 to monitor SO2 in their CFB Biomass Boiler for limestone feed rate control. 

  1. A refractory brick manufacturer in the Northeast purchased a GCEM40 to measure NOx, CO, and SO2 in their coal-fired rotary kilns. The GCEM40 will control sorbent injection and kiln fans after their baghouse. 

The GCEM40 utilizes infra-red spectroscopy technology and requires virtually no maintenance which makes it very appealing for these types of process applications.  The GCEM40 is very cost-effective with the price being as low as ¼ of the price of an extraction gas analyzer system. 

The GCEM40 measures a wide variety of gases including: CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, HCl, NO, NO2, NOx, and SO2. It has built-in calibration checks and purging.  It can work in high dust applications with a custom dust-shield and in applications with temperatures up to 752°F. 

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