CODEL Products Solve Process Problems…


CODEL Products Solve Process Problems…

Across the US CODEL products are being used to provide monitoring solutions for everyday applications.  Having a wide array of products means the ability to meet the widest array of applications.  Here are a few ways CODEL is helping companies:

  • In Northern Maine, a large-scale paper producer purchased a CODEL ET101 non-compliant opacity monitor to replace an old Bailey unit.  On an old oil boiler that’s grand-fathered from compliance requirements, the ET101 will alert operators to any incidents of poor or faulty combustion.  The 101 is inexpensive insurance to help protect not only the equipment but also the environment.

  • In Arkansas, old MSA tunnel monitoring systems are being replaced with CODEL TunnelTech 503 units to measure CO.  CODEL was chosen for its reliability and simplicity and also the ease and minimization of retrofit re-work (running more signal wires, power, and conduit).  The 503 uses electrochemical technology and offers simple replacement of the cells when needed.
  • When roasting coffee, controlling carbon monoxide in the roasting process is critical.  When CO levels change too rapidly and aren’t in a desired range, coffee flavor and consistency can be greatly affected. 

    This led a Louisiana coffee manufacturer to install a CODEL 1010 Cross-Duct CO monitor on their roasting process.  The 1010 was modified for faster response and higher than normal detection range with special software.  The duct being smaller than typical also required special modifications.

    The 1010 Cross-Duct CO analyzer is a useful instrument for a wide variety of applications where CO needs to be measured accurately, simply, and reliably.  Its relatively low cost means quick payback in controlling and protecting processes across a wide array of industries.



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