How up-to-date is my Opacity Monitor


How up-to-date is my Opacity Monitor

Every Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS) user wants to get the most serviceable life possible out their units.  COMS Analyzers typically last 15 years or more and often their lifespan is dictated simply by the manufacturer’s ability to continue support of them.  Most often, parts availability eventually puts an end to a manufacturers ability to continue support. 

The bottom line is that there is a balancing act between saving money and putting off a major purchase, and unsupported/obsolete systems with fading reliability that affect uptime and availability.  Eventually the cost of repairs, the scarcity of parts, and the potential risk of downtime become too great, demanding action (i.e. purchase a replacement system).

Along these lines, the information complied below is to help users determine how well their opacity systems are supported.  Keep in mind there are always choices as most COMS analyzers are interchangeable and replacements are relatively straightforward.

If you have a question about your unit, don’t hesitate to give us a call.  Monitoring Solutions is always available to help with opacity system upgrades; from choosing the correct unit to assisting with installation and even certification testing. 


Discontinued Models

Current Model(s)

Support Notes


D-R 290 Gen 1

D-R 290 Gen2

Generation 1 units will be officially supported with spares, parts & repairs until late 2026 as a minimum.  Users will likely have a few more years after to replace/upgrade.  Many parts between Gen 1 and Gen 2 are interchangeable

Teledyne/Monitor Labs*

USI 500/500C

Lighthawk 560ES

Currently full support is available for the Lighthawk “family”.  No discontinuation date is found although first generation units are close to two decades old.


RM-41/4500 MkII

4500 MkIII

Support statement for older units cannot be found.




Support statement for older units cannot be found.

Emerson Rosemount *

OPM Series (all)


Emerson Rosemount has discontinued opacity offering completely.

Phoenix Instruments

OPAC 2020 (all)


Out of Business

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