Is it time to replace your CEMS Analyzer?


Is it time to replace your CEMS Analyzer?

Every Continuous Emissions Monitoring System (CEMS) user wants to get the most serviceable life possible out their analyzers.  CEMS Analyzers typically last 15 years or more and often their lifespan is dictated by the manufacturer’s ability to continue support of them.  Most often, parts availability eventually puts an end to a manufacturers ability to continue support. 

Some manufacturers are constantly making upgrades to their analyzers and discontinue support in a subscribed amount of time after the new analyzers come to market (typically seven (7) years).  Other manufacturers will continue to support analyzers as long as absolutely possible.

The bottom line is that there is a balancing act between saving money and putting off a major purchase, and unsupported/obsolete analyzers with fading reliability that affect a CEMS uptime and availability.  Eventually the cost of repairs and the potential risk of downtime becomes too great, demanding action (i.e. purchase replacement analyzers).

Along these lines, the information complied below is to help users determine where they are in the lifecycle of their analyzers. Keep in mind there are always choices as most CEMS analyzers are interchangeable and replacements are typically plug-and-play. Monitoring Solutions is always available to help with analyzer upgrades; from choosing the correct one to assisting with installation and even certification testing.  Don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.


Discontinued Models

Current Model(s)

Support Notes

Thermo-Environmental All i-series
(also, all C-series and older)
iQ-Series i-series consumables, spare parts, and service support until December 31, 2025
CAI 600 Series analyzers
(also, all older including ZRH, ZRE, 100, 200, 300, 400 series)
700 Series Support through 2026 at a minimum (parts availability is only limit to support)
Brand-Gaus 4705 4710 4705 parts limited - sensors available through 2021, display boards until supply runs out (approx. 1 year)
Servomex 1440D SERVOPRO 1440 1440D Parts still available
Siemens* Ultramat 5 Series, Oxymat 5 series, Ultramat 21 & 22 series, Ultramat 6 & 23 series Older series no longer supported
Rosemount* 951A, 951E, 2199, 300, 400, 700, 800, BINOS, CAT, HYDROS, MicroCEM, NGA, OXYNOS, RAIO, ROX & X100 951C, NGA CLD, X-Stream Older series no longer supported
Monitor Labs*
SM8160, SM8175, SM8200,
sensor-e E series
SM425, sensor-e
T series
Support limited to “best effort” (SM8200 is no longer sold but has full support)

    * Based on best data available from manufacturer website

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