Is Your CEMDAS Data Backed up?


Is Your CEMDAS Data Backed up?

** If your CEMDAS data only resides on your CEMDAS PC, it is not adequately backed up. **

Every CEMDAS PC has RAID hard drives where two identical drives are mirrored to each other.  The idea is if one fails, the other takes over immediately with no loss in processing, storage, or operation.  However, this is not the end-all backup solution.

When a CEMDAS PC fails (and “every” PC fails eventually), the failure mechanism can be a number of things other than the hard drive.  Motherboard issues and other hardware faults can leave data completely un-retrievable and this is not a situation anyone wants to be in with their compliance system.  If a drive should burn up for some reason, the other drive that is directly on top or beneath it can suffer the same fate.

The best solution is to back up your data somewhere remote of the CEMDAS PC.  The most secure place to back up to is a network drive.  If that is not an option because the CEMDAS PC is a stand-alone system, the next best solution is a USB hard drive.  For around $50-$75 a 500GB-1TB external drive can be purchased which will hold a decade or more of data.

CEMDAS has an automatic backup routine built into it.  Find it by clicking on ‘Tools’ at the top of the CEMDAS screen and then “Backup” on the far left.  A menu will open that is very straightforward.  Simply chose the “Automatic” button and configure what types of files you want to backup (‘Data’, ‘Configuration Files’ & ‘CEMDAS – Other’ at a minimum) and select a “Destination” drive (a network drive or external hard drive location).

CEMDAS will perform a full backup the first time and then incremental backups every day after that at a time you specify.  This is a simple and cost-effective way to insure peace of mind and never lose more than a days’ worth of data.

If you have any questions or would like assistance setting up your CEMDAS backup, give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.




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