More companies switching to DURAG…


More companies switching to DURAG…

Companies across the United States are switching to the newest generation of the Durag D-R 290 Gen 2 Continuous Opacity Monitoring System (COMS).  The D-R 290 G2 is hands down the most reliable unit on the market today with no required zero or span calibration and annual PM requirements of less than 15 minutes per quarter.

The retrofits are straightforward, and modifications minimized with correctly engineered configurations by the Monitoring Solutions Sales and Engineering team.  Our service engineers also insure a successful startup and address all the certification needs onsite.

  • A large Minnesota power plant outside of Minneapolis is in the process of replacing two SICK OMD-41’s with the D-R 290’s.  Located outside on the stack, the units utilize the existing blower systems to make the most cost-effective retrofit solution possible.
  • In Central New York State near Syracuse a trash-to-energy plant replaced two Thermo 440 opacity units with D-R 290’s.  Again, existing blower systems were able to be utilized.  A small footprint space inside the stack required Durag to supply a unique solution allowing the unit to fit.
  • In Idaho, a Lumber producer replaced a Teledyne Lighthawk opacity unit with the D-R 290 solving years of nagging problems.  Besides the opacity unit MonSol supplied a COMDAS data acquisition system to streamline data collection and reporting.  In addition to the opacity signal, COMDAS also records ESP temperature, volts and amps helping the plant even more with tracking and reporting.
  • In Georgia, another lumber producer replaced an Ametek/LAND 4500 opacity unit with the D-R 290.  Faced with a catastrophic lightning strike and a 6-week lead time on repairs the plant opted to put in the D-R 290 which was in stock and ready for quick delivery. 
  • In north-central Wisconsin, a paper plant chose to replace their SICK OMD-41’s with the D-R 290’s.  After an exhaustive evaluation which included a review of service and support capabilities and availability of spare parts, Monitoring Solutions and Durag came out the clear winner.











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