Dilution CEMS Probes

Dilution CEMS Probes

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Dilution CEMS Probes

Monitoring Solutions is proud to partner with Perma Pure LLC, manufacturer of Nafion Dryers and Baldwin sample conditioning equipment, to offer products to assist customers with their sampling needs.

Along with all these products, we offer complete technical support, engineering and application assistance, start-up support, and parts and repair services to our customers.

Product Applications
  • Dilutions CEMS

Great New Features
  • Selectable dilution ratios
  • Out-of-stack orifice
  • Dilution air pre-heater
  • Optional fast loop bypass
  • Plug-free operation
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Self-regulating temperature
  • Wet basis measurement

Dilution Probe, CEMS



Baldwin™ - Series Model 45 Dilution Probe conditioning systems from Perma Pure draw, filter and dilute sample gases in preparation for analysis. The out-of-stack conditioning system dilutes the sample gas 10 to 250 times with dry air, reducing the water vapor content and eliminating high-cost heated lines.

Principle of Operation

A precision, low flow, heated dilution eductor assembly is driven by instrument quality air extracts sample gas from the process. The sample passes through a stinger and filter probe to remove particulate. The filter element is selected for its inertness to the sample gas; a ceramic element is standard.

A conditioned source of instrument air connects to the dilution eductor. The flow through the critical orifice in the eductor creates the vacuum that pulls the sample gas through the dilution probe system. This air mixes with the sample, diluting the gas to a lower concentration and dew point. The dilution air and sample gas flow rate may be set by selecting a different orifice size. This orifice is made from precisely machined Monel. The design of the orifice restricts the gas flow to achieve sonic levels or the speed of sound, eliminating the effects of pressure fluctuations downstream.

To maintain a constant dilution ratio, the precision dilution eductor draws the sample in at a slow rate of 25-700 cc/min. An optional fast loop eductor is available to reduce lag time between the probe tip and filter body, ensuring adequate sample supply.


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MonSol Dilution CEMS Probes
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