Durag D-R 320 Dust Monitor

Durag D-R 320 Dust Monitor

Compliance Monitoring

Dust Monitor

The new DURAG Dust Monitor D-R 320 is based on the backscattering principle and is ideally suited for monitoring smallest to medium dust concentrations. The measurement takes place continuously in the flue gas stream. Naturally, the D-R 320 is compliant with the high requirements of the new European standards and therefore suitable for measurements according to official regulations.

Product Applications
  • On incineration plants generally
  • On plants according to IED 2010/75/EU (2000/76/EC WID) / 17. BImschV
  • On plants according to 2001/80/EC LCPD
  • On waste, hazardous waste and sewage sludge incineration plants
  • On cement manufacturing plants
  • On power plants with gas, oil, coal or cofiring
  • On plants for the incineration of biomass
  • Ventilation units
  • Filter units.

Great New Features
  • Continuous measurement of dust concentration
  • Easy installation on a standard flange
  • Easy startup without adjustment
  • Automatic background light compensation without light trap
  • Convenient operation, remote access possible
  • Automatic control functions
  • Integrated purge air regulation and purge air control
  • Long service intervals
  • Compliant with EN 15267
  • Data transfer via Modbus compliant with
  • VDI 4201-3.

Startup without adjustment due to unique optical design
The D-R 320 Dust Monitor does not require a light trap. The background light in the stack is detected by means of a special optical system with dual detector and automatically compensated without the need of any manual adjustment.

The advantage of this new design is the quick and uncomplicated installation, completely without adjustment at site. So the D-R 320 is ready for operation directly after installation and flexible for different applications. Even after a conversion to a different measurement point the device is operational immediately again.

Single-sided installation on standard flanges without light trap
The D-R 320 Dust Monitor allows single-sided installation at the stack and requires just a small wall opening. It can be mounted in any orientation via a rotatable connection on existing DN 100 or 4” standard flanges. This reduces time and costs for installation.


MonSol Durag 320
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