Durag D-R 800

Durag D-R 800

Compliance Monitoring

Dust monitor

Innovative measuring device with laser technology to monitor small to medium dust emissions. 

Product Applications
  • Power stations
  • Cement plants, the metallurgy, and wood industries, chemical industry etc.
  • Waste incineration plants
  • Monitoring of dust filter plants.

Great New Features
  • Integrated display: Measuring value, threshold value, parameter in probe
  • In-situ measuring procedure with continuous measurement
  • High sensitivity
  • Easy installation on one side of the duct
  • Can also be deployed in thick-walled stone/insulated channels
  • Long lifetime, as there are no moving parts inside the duct
  • Hermetically sealed electronic housing against exhaust gas
  • Parameterisation and operation with keyboard plus easily readable display directly on a device or via bus interface
  • Automatic function test with soiling correction
  • Two analog outputs with adjustable measuring ranges
  • Automatic switching of measuring ranges

The D-R 800 device works according to the principle of forward-scattering. The concentrated and modulated light of a laser diode penetrates the measuring volume. The forward-scattered light largely reflected from dust particles is measured and assessed.

System components

  • Measuring lance
  • Supply unit with integrated purge air supply
  • Mounting flange 130 / 240 / 500 mm.


  • Weather protection cover
  • Temperature compensation through additional analog input.

Durag D-R 800 User Manual
8.4MB   PDF
MonSol Durag D-R 800
641.6KB   PDF
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