CODEL EnergyTech 201/202 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers

CODEL EnergyTech 201/202 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers

Process Monitoring

Coal Mill Analyzer

The EnergyTech 201/202 is a cost-effective Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers for early detection of high CO levels in coal handling systems to prevent catastrophic damage.

Product Applications
  • Coal Mills
  • Coal Bunkers
  • Grinding plants
  • Coal Conveyor
  • Silos

Great New Features
  • Compact Powerful Diaphragm Pump for constant reliable sampling
  • Automated Self-Cleaning Filter Design for minimum maintenance
  • Automated Blockage Check and Sample Flow Rate Check for increased availability
  • Temperature Controlled Measurement Cell for maximum accuracy and long Life
  • Infrared technology for CO or electrochemical technology for CO and Oxygen

Codel Monitoring Solutions
The ENERGYTECH 201/202 systems sample the gas from the critical area through a sintered steel filter mounted in the wall of the chamber. This removes the need for intrusive sampling probes which are prone to wear and expensive to replace.

The filter is backflushed with compressed air at regular intervals to ensure an uninterrupted flow of sample gas and to minimize maintenance. The sampled gas requires no further pre-conditioning and is carried via a sample line and pump to the measurement chamber which is equipped with a compact gas analyzer. The measurement chamber is heat-traced to avoid a build-up of corrosive condensation.

The Carbon Monoxide (CO) Analyzers can re-calibrate automatically to minimize drift and ensure ongoing high performance. The system also includes the capability to be checked manually against bottled audit gases.

MonSol CODEL EnergyTech 201/202
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MonSol CODEL EnergyTech 201/202 User Manual
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