CODEL GCEM 40 In-Situ Analyzer

CODEL GCEM 40 In-Situ Analyzer

Process Monitoring

In-Situ Analyzer

In-situ, low cost, relatively maintenance-free analyzer for continuous process and emissions monitoring providing accurate and reliable measurements.

Product Applications
  • All Combustion Processes
  • Process Monitoring for CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, HCl, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2
  • SO2 and HCl inlet monitoring on dry FGD’s
  • SCR NOx Feedback

Great New Features
  • Single or Multi-Gas Analyzer
  • In-situ Measurement
  • Gas temperature and pressure sensors, on-board normalization
  • Analog and serial outputs
  • Relative Low-Cost
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Reliable
  • Relatively maintenance-free analyzer

Codel Monitoring Solutions
The GCEM40 series is the latest generation of In-Situ monitor. Extensive development, knowledge and practical experience have been utilized to produce this advanced technology gas analyzer which gives complete flexibility of use on process applications while delivering superb accuracy and repeatability at a very competitive price. The analyzer uses a field-proven in-situ 316 stainless steel probe designed for the harshest stack conditions to measure directly in the flue stream. The design of the probe enables accurate measurements to be made even in very high dust level processes exceeding several grams/m3.

The GCEM40 Series can be configured with different probe sizes to suit difficult applications. All models are fitted with a probe mounted temperature sensor. Pressure, CO2 and H2O can be measured as an additional option to provide fully normalized data. Designed for use primarily on combustion processes, the GCEM40 series measures key pollutants such as CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, CO2 and H2O using infra-red spectroscopy to ensure that there is no cross sensitivity from other contaminants in the gas stream.

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MonSol CODEL GCEM 40 User Manual
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