Process Monitoring

Extractive Gas Analyzers

The GCEM40E hot Extractive multi-channel Gas Analyzer is a Continuous Emissions Monitor (CEM) for difficult applications. Designed exclusively for use on a wide range of applications where the flue gas temperature is abnormally high, low or saturated.

Great New Features
  • Single or Multi-Species infrared absorption analyzer – Accurate, reliable and low maintenance technology
  • Extractive System - With full zero & span verification using certified gas
  • Gas temperature and pressure sensors; on-board normalization to standard reference conditions
  • Auto routine calibration - Zero and span calibration using audit gas
  • Analog and serial outputs - Export of data to SCADA, DCS and historian systems

The GCEM40E gives complete flexibility of use on process or emissions applications while delivering superb accuracy and repeatability at a competitive price. Many conventional extractive systems require the sampled gas to be cleaned and dried to a very high standard prior to analysis, invariably resulting in a high maintenance demand. Such elaborate pre-conditioning is not required with the GCEM40E. This analyzer creates ‘perfect’ duct conditions in a temperature controlled chamber within a separate free-standing cabinet. Process conditions are extracted using a heated probe system which has an option of compressed air blow-back for excessively dusty applications. Once the sample has been drawn it is simply cooled (or heated) then transferred along a heated sample line, without further conditioning, to be measured using a CODEL multi-channel analyzer housed in the cabinet.

The GCEM40E provides the facility to automatically check and control zero calibration point using clean, dry compressed air or nitrogen. Where independent span checks are required, bottled gases of known concentration can be injected directly into the measurement chamber.

The GCEM40E analyzer is capable of measuring a range of CO, NO, NO2, NOx, SO2, CH4, HCl, N2O, CO2, H2O, and O2 simultaneously and with integral temperature and pressure sensors can compute fully normalized data directly in mg/Nm3.

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MonSol CODEL GCEM 40E User Manual
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