ETG 6900P for CH4, NH3 & HCl

ETG 6900P for CH4, NH3 & HCl

Process Monitoring

The ETG 6900 P is a Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS) based portable analyzer designed to measure the toughest gases accurately and reliably in a large variety of applications.

Product Applications
  • CH4 in Landfills
  • HCl in Incinerators
  • NH3 – pre- and post-SCR
  • Upstream and downstream of treatment systems

Great New Features
  • Very fast detection with Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) based technology
  • Internal sample pump
  • Complete system in robust case
  • Continuous sensor status monitoring
  • Zero & Span Calibration
  • Long Laser Life (10+ years)
  • Low cost-of-ownership
  • Touch screen monitor
  • Ethernet and USB Remoting
  • Digital and Analog I/O, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet output
  • Low maintenance – high reliability
  • “Hot-Wet” measurement for NH3
  • Utilizes heated line and sample probe

The ETG 6900 P is a complete portable solution to meet the requirement of measuring Methane (CH4), Hydrogen Chloride (HCl) or Ammonia (NH3) with high accuracy and specificity.  It’s designed for ease of use, simplicity of maintenance, and the ultimate in reliability.

ETG uses a technology-enhanced TDLS for gas detection, where a 0.1 nm narrow bandwidth diode laser beam is scanned across an absorption band of the target gas, performing a high-resolution near-infrared absorption measurement.

Electronic lock-in technology allows separating the gas absorption information from electro-optical system information, leading to a detection method eliminating the need for a physical reference channel and offering continuous sensor status monitoring.

The ETG 6900 P presents a clear alternative to current sub-optimal detection solutions and combines precise, contact-less optical measurements with high target gas selectivity, calibration-free operation, and low-cost-of-ownership.

MonSol ETG 6900P for CH4/NH3/HCl
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