ETG - MCA BIO-P Portable Biogas Analyzer

ETG - MCA BIO-P Portable Biogas Analyzer

Process Monitoring

The ETG MCA 100 BIO‐P is a complete portable solution to meet the requirement of measuring  gases  in  a  biogas  plant.   It’s  designed  for  ease  of  use,  simplicity  of  maintenance, and the ultimate in reliability.

Product Applications
  • Biogas Plants
  • Upstream of Treatment Systems
  • Downstream of Treatment Systems

Great New Features
  • Measurement of CO2, CH4, O2, & H2S
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Intelligent Processor with Touch Screen Monitor for Control
  • Data downloadable on USB Flash Drive
  • Low maintenance – high reliability

Unlike  other  analyzers,  the  ETG  MCA  100  BIO‐P  utilizes  non‐dispersive  infrared  (NDIR)  technology  to  measure  multiple  gases  with  a  single  optical  path.   When measuring  methane  as  a  biofuel,  single‐gas  analyzers  are  inadequate  due  to  interference from large amounts of CO present.  The ETG MCA 100 BIO‐P measures CO2,  CO,  O2,  and  H2S,  in  addition  to  methane  thereby  providing  the  optimal  combination of gases for combustion optimization.
The  advanced  optics  and  electronics  of  the  ETG  MCA  100  BIO‐P  NDIR  analyzer  virtually  eliminate  zero  drift  after  the  initial  warm‐up  period.  Temperature  and pressure compensation eliminate the main causes of calibration drift typical of many NDIR instruments.  
The Biogas portable probe is designed to measure temperature and pressure and is fitted with an inline filter.

ETG - MCA BIO-P Portable Biogas Analyzer Brochure
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