ETG - MCA SYN-P Portable Syngas Analyzer

ETG - MCA SYN-P Portable Syngas Analyzer

Process Monitoring

The ETG MCA 100 SYN-P is a complete portable solution to meet the requirement of measuring gases in a Syngas plant.  It’s designed for ease of use, simplicity of maintenance, and the ultimate in reliability.

Product Applications
  • Syngas Plants
  • Other Processes

Great New Features
  • Measurement of CO2, CO, CH4, O2, & H2
  • Simple User Calibration
  • Intelligent Processor with Touch Screen Monitor for Control
  • Data downloadable on USB Flash Drive
  • Low maintenance – high reliability

The ETG MCA 100 SYN-P analyzer monitors, simultaneously and in real-time, the main compounds of Syngas. For the analysis of Methane (CH4), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Carbon Monoxide (CO), the infrared measurement technique (NDIR) is used. Oxygen (O2) measurement is carried out using an electrochemical sensor (ECD), and the principle of thermal conductivity (TCD) is used to analyze Hydrogen (H2).  All these unique technologies allow precise and reliable measurements of each gas.

Additional filters have been installed near the sensors to protect the sophisticated analysis technology from the Syngas impurities.  If the gas to be analyzed is particularly hot, humid and/or contains a high percentage of tar, the portable ETG PSS (Portable Sampling System) can be paired with the ETG MCA 100 SYN-P.

The advanced optics and electronics of the ETG MCA 100 SYN-P NDIR analyzer virtually eliminate zero drift after the initial warm-up period.  Temperature and pressure compensation eliminate the main causes of calibration drift typical of many NDIR instruments.

The Syngas portable probe is designed to measure temperature and pressure and is fitted with an inline filter.

ETG - MCA 100 SYN-P Portable Analyzer Literature
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