CODEL - TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor

CODEL - TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor

Tunnel Monitoring

Air Flow Monitor

For Tunnel Monitoring of airflow the TunnelTech 305 is the simple and reliable solution.

Product Applications
  • Road Tunnels
  • Rail Tunnels

Great New Features
  • Single point ultrasonic measurement • technology
  • Unaffected by traffic flow and sound reflections
  • No moving components providing maintenance-free operation
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of tunnel environments
  • Measurement precision of +/- 0.1m/sec
  • Easy mounting system

The TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor is an essential part of any road or rail tunnel safety system. It monitors both the air flow and the direction of air flow inside a tunnel.  It also ensures that a tunnel ventilation system can provide sufficient clean air to protect tunnel users health and allows for drivers to clearly see the road ahead.

The TunnelTech 305 uses dual path ultrasonic technology to ensure high accuracy.  It has no moving parts which insures high reliability and the minimal maintenance. The sensor is constructed using stainless steel for ultimate protection against the harsh environments found in tunnels.

Fully configurable 4-20mA analog outputs are provided along with digital alarm outputs.  An RS485 output is also available allowing data delivery via MODBUS protocol to a SCADA system located in a tunnel control center. 


You can find more information on our blog:

CODEL - TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor
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CODEL - TunnelTech 305 Air Flow Monitor User Manual
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