CODEL - TunnelTech 300 Series Air Flow Monitor

CODEL - TunnelTech 300 Series Air Flow Monitor

Tunnel Monitoring

Air Flow Monitor

For Tunnel Monitoring of airflow the TunnelTech 300 Series is the simple and reliable solution.

Product Applications
  • Road Tunnels
  • Rail Tunnels

Great New Features
  • Single point ultrasonic measurement • technology
  • Unaffected by traffic flow and sound reflections
  • No moving components providing maintenance-free operation
  • Designed to withstand the harshest of tunnel environments
  • Measurement precision of +/- 0.2m/sec

Codel Monitoring Solutions

The TunnelTech 300 Series are Air Flow Monitors designed to enable a sufficient throughput of air to be maintained to ensure a safe operating environment in a tunnel.

Ventilation systems consume large amounts of power and need to be operated as efficiently as possible. To do this it is necessary to know the effectiveness of the system in terms of air flow and direction developed within the tunnel. 

The TunnelTech 300 does just that using ultrasonic technology.  With no moving parts, it is a highly reliable unit with minimal maintenance.

The 300 can be configured with a temperature measurement if desired and is available in all Stainless Steel where corrosion resistance is important.

MonSol CODEL TunnelTech 300 Series Tunnel Monitoring
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